New ERP System Advances Company Integration



November 24, 2014

West Bend, WI – After a year of busy preparation, Matenaer Corporation proudly went “live” with its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in Fall 2014. The new ERP platform makes totally integrated job management possible through customized modules for Inventory, Production, Sales and Customer Relationship Management.

Following a thorough assessment of the company’s technology needs and long-term goals, Matenaer Corporation selected Plex, a cloud-based ERP system. Plex is known worldwide in manufacturing and other industries as the premier software system of its kind, and creates seamless integration and real-time visibility between Sourcing, Sales, Production Planning, Shipping and Finance.

With detailed, real-time order tacking, materials availability, pricing management and more, the net result for Matenaer customers, more so than anything, is enhanced responsiveness.

Prior to Plex, recent investments by Matenaer Corporation focused heavily on equipment and machinery; however, this ERP software implementation is the single largest technology upgrade in the company's history. A significant amount of effort was spent by Matenaer in testing the new system, verifying data accuracy and integrity, and assuring smooth process operations.

Looking forward, the Plex software upgrade provides almost unlimited scalability with the capacity to grow with the company as it expands to new markets and broadens its customer base.

Matenaer Corporation provides metal stamping, CNC machining and fabrication products and services, specializing in tight tolerance and quick-response jobs. The Midwest-based company serves the automotive, agricultural, heavy equipment and renewable energy industries, among others, and distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by partnering with its customers as a true go-to resource for solutions.


Andrew Stringer


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