Quality / ISO

Quality / ISO

Our quality philosophy is to consistently achieve customer satisfaction by providing products which meet print specifications, product requirements, timely delivery and efficient support services. We provide value in educating our customers about unattainable or cost-prohibitive specifications and we will advise you during the quote or design process.  Ultimately, we view your specified tolerances as true dimensions and not simply suggestions.

Matenaer hosts a complete quality lab with dimensional, hardness and coating metrology capabilities. Our organization drives continuous improvement through the implementation of Six Sigma/Lean methodologies and creating empowered employee teams that are focused on the customer's needs. We further add value as a direct result of our increased capabilities due to continual training, predictive maintenance and re-investment.

Matenaer is ISO9001 certified. We can provide documentation and traceability from the original mill heat through the final product finishing. Full PPAP, SPQ, and ISIR documentation will be provided depending on the customer requirements. Matenaer offers GD&T, FMEA, and collaboration as necessary to assist with customer integration.

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