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Metal Stampings

Metal Stamping



Matenaer has its beginning in special washers and flat stampings. As our customers’ needs increased, we responded by providing a wider array of products using high-speed presses for the higher volume requirements. We even have an 800-ton press capable of stamping parts up to .687" thick.

Critical Factors: Low Tool Cost & Flatness

We manufacture some of our stamped products using compound dies, where low tool cost and flatness are critical. This is the most common method of producing washers and simple stampings.

Critical Factors: High-volume & 3D

By using progressive dies we are able to manufacture higher-volume or more intricate, deeper, three-dimensional parts. We are capable of producing drawn stampings 3" in depth.

In-house Tool & Die Creation

Our full tool and die shop allows us to produce even the most complex of dies in-house. The result is a more cost-effective solution producing shorter lead times. In turn, we control the timeliness and quality of die production and part production, giving our customers a more affordable, higher quality product that arrives on their doorstep faster.


Prior to investing in stamping tooling, protoypes can be manufactured using one of our other processes. This flexibility allows for design changes without the high cost of changing tools and dies. Stamping projects can take advantage of Matenaer’s full range of secondary operations, materials capabilities and the service for which we are famous. CAD design is available to assist with design changes to parts and components as required.

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