Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Since 1972, Matenaer has been a leader in the special washer and flat stamping industry. As our customers’ needs have evolved over the years, so have our equipment, capacities and efficiencies.


Press Capabilities

  • 30+ presses
  • From 4 tons to 800 tons
  • Material thicknesses ranging from .002" to .687"
  • Compound Dies: Offer low tool costs and flatness to simple stampings
  • Progressive Dies: High volume or intricate parts with material draws up to 3"
  • Servo Technology: Utilizes "hit and dwell" functionality.  Allows for us to stop or slow the ram at any point and retain consistent tonnage.  Helps with material spring back issues or intricate progressions. 
For a detailed list of our presses and capabilities, see the Press Guide.



Having multiple manufacturing capabilities allows Matenaer to create prototypes and allow for design changes without the high cost of changing or making new tools and dies.  We utilize CAD to assist with design changes as your prototype evolves.

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